For the past year, I’ve received requests and questions on an almost weekly basis for tips on how to start freelancing. Over time, I assembled my ideas into a document, which is now available in PDF form.

This 13-page guide explains the basic steps involved in getting comfortable pitching, researching, and writing stories as a freelancer. It focuses on writing essays, stories, articles, or other nonfiction pieces for publications, though some of the lessons will be transferable to other kinds of freelance writing.


1. how to write a pitch
2. how to leverage connections
3. how to cold call an editor
4. where to get the basic skills you need
5. how to get comfortable with your own writing
6. how to ask for more time, money, or help

This guide is available on a PWYC sliding scale. 

If you can afford to pay the $10, please do so via the Paypal link below. If you are a low-income worker who can’t afford to spend the $10, then don’t worry about it.
Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page, and I’ll email you back ASAP to provide a Drive link to the downloadable PDF. If you are able to pay the $10 cost, please do so before you email me.


a frank and instructive overview of key tips and strategies for starting out as a freelance writer, from one freelancer to another.


If you have any questions, send me an email or contact me via Twitter DM.

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