My name is Alex.

I am a Master’s candidate at the Department of Political Science in collaboration with the Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies at the University of Toronto. I also work as a freelance journalist and content strategist in downtown Toronto.

My research interests include gender, nationalism, narrative, queerness, and diaspora. In addition to my coursework, I am working on independent academic projects that seek to untangle the relationship between gender and nationhood, with a particular focus on diasporic nationalist movements. As well, I write extensively on subjects of transition, queerness, Jewishness, and the politics of identity and community. My work has appeared in THIS MagazineCanadaland, MicTeen VogueA.SideGUTS, Torontoistthem., and elsewhere; you can read it here.

For better or worse, I do most of my brainstorming on Twitter. If you do not feel comfortable connecting with me there, please email me through my contact page.

I also write an occasional newsletter with media and reading recommendations, that you can subscribe to here.

I am a nonbinary queer person, and my pronouns are they/them or she/her. If that confuses you and you want to talk about it, send me a friendly email.