An Ode to Tall Girls Who Remember Their Bar Mitzvah | The Jewish American Princess Zine

I wrote a submission for the Jewish American Princess zine about growing up in awe of Jewish women and hoping to become one. This zine was created and edited by Julie Weinberg-Connors, with submissions from Jewish women and gender non-conforming people, as a method of complicating, embracing, and disentangling stereotypes and experiences of Jewish womanhood.

To Everyone I Ghosted, Good Riddance

When apps like Tinder first hit the mainstream, people were quick to reflect on how casual dating was killing modern romance. In the years since, millennials were mocked for concepts like “ghosting” — the practice of slowly killing off a relationship through avoiding, evasion, and silence.
But what does the supposed death of modern romance mean for those of us who have never had it as an option? Is “ghosting” experienced differently by queer people? And if so, how?

How to Get Away With Murder: NYC Landlords are Killing Affordable Housing

In NYC, affordable housing is under attack. As the forces of gentrification move through Brooklyn, landlords and developers are doing everything in their power to displace rent-stabilized tenants — particularly in minority communities like Greenpoint, Bushwick, and Bedford-Stuyvesant, that have long been underserved by the City.
Portions of this post originally appeared in two articles written for RentLogic.