Alex Verman is a writer. They live and work on lands currently occupied by the city of Toronto, in the territory of the Dish With One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant.

They completed their undergrad at the University of Toronto, specializing in political science. They are currently a graduate student in the political science department, studying diaspora, conflict, and narrative. They freelance as a journalist and content strategist in downtown Toronto.

Alex is a prolific writer on the subjects of transition, queerness, Jewishness, and the politics of identity and community. Their writing has appeared in THIS MagazineCanadaland, MicTeen VogueA.SideGUTS, Torontoistthem., and on CBC News. They are maybe possibly potentially writing a book.

They also have a Twitter account where they talk about communism a lot (some would say too much).

Alex uses the pronouns they or she. Generally, they are trying their best.