I joined Jesse Brown for the November 22, 2017, episode of SHORT CUTS, a media criticism podcast produced by Canadaland. You can read their episode summary, and stream and download the full podcast, by clicking this link.

Note: towards the end of the first segment of this episode, I incorrectly cite a statistic on LGBTQ homelessness in Toronto; in fact, that statistic refers to the homeless LGBTQ youth population, as opposed to the population in general. For various reasons (mostly connected to research methodology type stuff and the inherent data collection problems with this kind of subject), I am comfortable extrapolating that statistic to make the claims that I do about trans and queer precarity in Ontario. You can read more about this topic here.

Another note: towards the middle of the second segment, I refer to a monument in Winnipeg. In actuality, that monument was in Oakville. (I read about it on the Winnipeg Free Press, hence, the Winnipeg mix-up). There’s a great and informative Twitter thread about it here.

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