In every interview I’ve heard with the editor of the Canadian Jewish News, Yoni Goldstein has defended his publication’s commitment to political diversity by pointing to one columnist: Mira Sucharov.

Earlier this year, when CANADALAND started looking into the politics of Jewish community media, I wrote about the Canadian Jewish News, Canada’s only national Jewish newspaper. In that article, I took the CJN to task for its complicity in a pattern of marginalizing certain points of view, particularly concerning conversations around the State of Israel and its place within the paper’s pages. It was Sucharov who offered a shining light of variety and complexity in what otherwise felt like a litany of exclusively pro-Israel voices.

Last month, Sucharov resigned from the paper, writing on Facebook — later echoed in her farewell missive — that she “felt like a geologist who had been hired to write a column for the community paper of the Flat Earth Society.”

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